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In the literature about the derivation of names, the name Hemprich is usually derived from the Germanic given name “Haginbrecht" (or "Heimbrecht"), which is constructed from two stems: "HAGEN" + "BERAHT" (or alternatively "HEIM"+"BERAHT"). From these name stems, the meaning of Hemprich can be derived as follows:



According to a family legend (see also separate menu item), the name Hemprich is derived from a Hugenot name "Chevaliers de Hempricourt". Regarding the mentioned literature and compared to the known genealogical facts, this legend ist very unlikely. Firstly, the literature about the derivation of names suggests a completey different explanation. Secondly, the Hemprich-family has already been traced in Germany some decades before the arrival of the Hugenots in 1685.